A non-denominational mission trip to Cuba for youth, (ages 15-18), has been scheduled for July 20-30, 2019. 


We will be traveling to a Methodist church camp located near the city of Santa Clara, Cuba. The camp is attended by over 600 youth from Methodist churches from all over Cuba. It is an event that teenagers in Cuba will most likely only get to attend once and is looked forward to with great excitement. At Camp Canaan our team will be participating in camp activities such as theatrical workshops, praise and worship and fun activities in the afternoons.


After camp ends our group will be traveling to the district of Santa Clara to engage in a Christian cross-cultural exchange at the local level, visiting small churches and youth groups.



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Mayori David with praise team

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Why go on a mission trip to Cuba?

Today we see the church in Cuba growing by leaps and bounds changing many lives among the young and old. We see young adults and teenagers actively participating in worship and spreading His word into their communities. I witnessed a 16 year old preach with such fire and conviction and yet just a few years before he had struggled with addiction but the power of Christ's love for him changed his life.  I have witnessed teens praying over teens, leading worship, singing and dancing during church service, and caring and loving one and other.  I’ve had the blessing to meet with young men and women and see how they are willing to take on leadership roles in the church; from a 17 year old leading a house church to a teenage girl leading her praise dance group or a young man leading his praise team the youth are eager and willing to grow in their walk with Christ. More than anything it is a blessing to be able to see and experience the fervor and passion for Him, it is infectious! Attending camp, visiting with other youth and participating in praise and worship in small churches is a powerful experience and must be witnessed first-hand!  Going on a mission trip is a great way to learn how to say  “Yes, Lord here I am” and watch incredible things happen in your life and other peoples lives. 


As Paul Borthwick puts it in his book “A Mind for Missions”:  “As Christians, we face the choice: Will we turn inward and focus on the new life we have in Christ only as it benefits us? Or will we look beyond ourselves, opening ourselves completely to God and His purpose for us?” Saying yes Lord here I am is the first step in to finding His purpose for your life. Come join us in July-2018 for an unforgettable experience and experience God's love for you and share His love with others! 

I can change the world because accepting Christ changes me…

Mayori David with praise team
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