Q & A 

 1) What type of accommodations will we be staying in?


     In Camp Canaan we will be staying in air conditioned dorm rooms and you will be sharing a room with 2-4 other team members.  In Santa Clara  we will be staying at a bed and breakfast near the district church. You will be sharing a room with other team members.

 2) Is it safe to drink the water?

     When traveling abroad our bodies are not used to different bacteria and to be on the safe side we will only drink purified water and the food that is prepared for our team will be prepared using purified water as well.

 3) what if I become sick on the trip?

     In Camp Canaan a nurse is on staff at all times. When we are staying in Santa Clara a doctor or nurse will be available to make a house call if necessary.

 4) What type of transportation will we be using in Cuba?


     Our team will be traveling in a 10 seat passenger van that is regularly used for mission teams. 

 5) Who will be our Cuba liaison and in-country host?

     The district superintendent of the Santa Clara District will be accompanying the mission team wherever we go. 

     We will also be accompanied by a translator at all times. 

 6) Are people friendly?

     Yes! I find that the Cuban culture is a friendly and inclusive culture and Cubans love to share with the mission teams.

 7) Is it safe?

     Yes. At all times we will be traveling with our host and translator. 

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